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Majority of our designs include oxidized sterling silver. Oxidation is a safe process applied using Liver of Sulphur. The dark intensity can fade over time depending on daily wear, exposure to environmental elements like saltwater, harsh soap, or chemicals. Most like the natural patina the ring takes on as it fades over time to a gunmetal shade that keeps evolving. Others like to keep the original dark contrast. We’ll send a bottle of Liver of Sulphur potion with our jewellery along with simple instructions to restore ‘the darkness’.


For your jewellery to have a long desirable life, remove when washing your hands and before using any harsh chemicals, cosmetics or lotions. Avoid wearing your jewellery to the beach, while swimming or gardening, doing housework or other activities that may incur scratches. 



ATTB ships worldwide.

Shipping costs vary based location and all delivery options come with tracking. A tracking number will be given upon shipment, which will allow you to check on the delivery status of the package.



ATTB jewellery is hand-built to order.

By accepting these terms of sale at the time you place your order, you acknowledge that your order will take approximately 3-6 weeks to manufacture before shipping. You also accept the ATTB returns and exchanges policy; that your order cannot be returned due to change of mind or error regarding your selected sizes where appropriate. 

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